Sunset Beach: Episode 131
Michael comes up with a perfect solution for Virginia's living arrangement, and Vanessa isn't a least bit impressed. Virginia continues faking being modest. Caitlin is worried when she receives a cryptic message from Cole, only to learn that it was his way of bringing danger to her by arranging a romantic dinner at The Deep. Caitlin is overjoyed by the surprise and starts insisting that Cole isn't happy in Sunset Beach because he got himself away from the dangerous life he used to lead. Cole tries to reassure her that life in Sunset Beach is perfect for him. Paula talks to Gabi about finally making love to Ricardo again now that her tattoo has been completely removed, and Gabi tries to make her think she isn't ready yet. Elaine persuades Paula to do what she wants, but when Paula arrives home to Ricardo, he instead decides to go out with Ruiz for a boys night out.
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   ( )      Rating: TV14      Run Time: 44 Mins            S. .E.
Lance Gutterman Susan Ward Clive Robertson Sarah Buxton Sam Behrens
Eddie Cibrian Lesley-Anne Down Hank Cheyne Timothy Adams Priscilla Garita
Video Sunset Beach: Episode 131

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