Sunset Beach: Episode 132
Ben gives Meg her last paycheck, while Annie worries that their talk might lead to something more, and she throws herself in Ben's arms to annoy Meg. Gabi calls Paula to the Deep as an excuse to stop her romantic night with Ricardo. Ricardo worries that Gabi might tell Paula about the night they spent together. Cole and Caitlin continue playing games, and as a part of the game Caitlin steals briefcase which accidentally ends up being the one containing the Deschanel jewels. Bette comes to the Richards house to question Olivia about if she got her a job, but actually wants to know where the Deschanel jewels are. Meg reads another fake entry from Maria's diary, and ends up having a nightmare. Eddie thinks Gabi told Paula about the night she spent with Ricardo, and he approaches Paula to comfort her.
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   ( )      Rating: TV14      Run Time: 44 Mins            S. .E.
Lance Gutterman Susan Ward Clive Robertson Sarah Buxton Sam Behrens
Eddie Cibrian Lesley-Anne Down Hank Cheyne Timothy Adams Priscilla Garita
Video Sunset Beach: Episode 132

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