Sunset Beach: Episode 133
Gregory acts as peacemaker between Annie and Olivia as they battle it out over who owns the Deschanel jewels. Eddie confronts Gabi for setting him up to reveal that Gabi was the woman Ricardo was with on the night Paula got kidnapped. Paula confronts Ricardo about it and he claims it was all innocent, but Paula isn't convinced. Caitlin and Cole are surprised to find the Deschanel jewels in the briefcase Caitllin stole from her parents' bedroom, and Caitlin is surprised when Cole says he isn't interested in them. They agree to return them to the bedroom. Ricardo confronts Gabi about revealing the truth to Paula, but Gabi claims she's innocent and offers to straighten things out with Paula. There, she lies to Paula about Ricardo being obsessed with her. Gregory tells Olivia about the romantic trip he planned, but Caitlin warns Olivia that she's can't fly due to her condition. Olivia comes up with a lie to cover Caitlin's comment. Paula tells Ricardo she's moving out. Caitlin tries to stall Gregory and Olivia from finding Cole in their bathroom.
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   ( )      Rating: TV14      Run Time: 44 Mins            S. .E.
Lance Gutterman Susan Ward Clive Robertson Sarah Buxton Sam Behrens
Eddie Cibrian Lesley-Anne Down Hank Cheyne Timothy Adams Priscilla Garita
Video Sunset Beach: Episode 133

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