Dharma & Greg: It Never Happened One Night S.2 E.21
After six weeks of marital hell, Pete and Jane decide to get divorced, and Dharma presses Greg to plead Jane's case, which he ethically can't accept given the conflict of interest, being Pete's friend, but just advising her ruins that terrible lawyer's chances. The couple's furious fight for their meager assets takes a surprising turn... Now Dharma's six month trial period in the socialite charity committee is over, she is put in charge of a ball where Kitty is to get an award, but instead of following 'suggestions' writes the speech herself and is declared persona non grata in the Montgomery home. Greg insists to handle it his ma's way, pretending it never happened after a cooling off period, but Dharma can't keep her ugly big mouth shut...
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   ( )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 22 Mins            S. .E.
Jenna Elfman Thomas Gibson Shae D'lyn Joel Murray Mimi Kennedy
Alan Rachins Mitchell Ryan Susan Sullivan Lillian Hurst Jennifer Darling
Video Dharma & Greg: It Never Happened One Night S.2 E.21

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