Sunset Beach: Episode 139
Ben digs Meg out from underneath the rubble after the bomb explodes and waits until she regains consciousness. He is confused when she starts claiming that he lured her inside just like he did Maria, and he tries to rationalize with her. Annie and Tim are worried about Ben and Meg, and they rush to the construction worker to find out what happened. Ricardo orders Gabi to move out of his place. Gabi daydreams of making love to Ricardo. Paula comes by Ricardo's to pick up her stuff when they're both interrupted by news of the cave-in. Olivia and Gregory return from their vacation just in time to find Tiffany dressed in Olivia's clothes and carrying Olivia's jewelry. Gregory orders Tiffany to leave, but Sean stands by her side, and Olivia begs Gregory to let Tiffany stay. Caitlin prepares to tell Cole that she's pregnant.
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   ( )      Rating: TV14      Run Time: 44 Mins            S. .E.
Timothy Adams Peter Barton Sam Behrens Sarah Buxton Hank Cheyne
Lesley-Anne Down Adrienne Frantz Jason George Dax Griffin Clive Robertson
Video Sunset Beach: Episode 139

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