Men Behaving Badly: Delivery S.7 E.3
Tony, sporting a moustache and glasses, is now a postman and takes the job very seriously - too seriously for Deborah, who misses the old stupid Tony and no longer finds him sexy. After a word from Dorothy, however, the old Tony returns. Gary's office closes and, unlike George and Anthea, he has no other job to go to. Whilst he is having a farewell drink in the pub with them he gets the call to say that Dorothy is about to give birth. He rushes home but accidentally knocks out the midwife and, as he is drunk, is no help when it comes to delivery. Fortunately Deborah is on hand to bring his baby daughter into the world. Later the quartet - and baby - sit on the sofa to look to the future.
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   ( )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 23 Mins            S. .E.
Martin Clunes Neil Morrissey Leslie Ash Caroline Quentin John Thomson
Ian Lindsay Valerie Minifie Dido Miles Eileen Dunwoodie Amanda Drew
Video Men Behaving Badly: Delivery S.7 E.3

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