Little Dorrit: Episode #1.5
Amy accompanies Fanny on a visit to the rich and haughty Mrs. Merdle, mother of Fanny's admirer Sparkler, and Amy is shocked that Fanny, who clearly does not love him, is happy to be bribed to keep away from him. Mrs. Merdle takes some pleasure in informing her son of the transaction. Later she and her reserved financier husband give a lavish dinner party where a guest describes him as the most influential man in London. Arthur and Daniel set up their work-shop, employing Cavaletto. Flora visits, getting Arthur to send Amy to her on the promise of work, though she seems more interested in telling Amy about her former relationship with Arthur. Mr.Pancks bribes Mr. Chivery to look into the Dorrits' background from old prison records, whilst Mr. Chivery asks Arthur to put in a good word for the unhappy John with Amy. Whilst Arthur is talking to Amy Maggy arrives with begging letters from Amy's father and brother Tip for Arthur, who refuses the brother.Amy later rounds on Tip and is ...
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   ( )      Rating: G      Run Time: 30 Mins            S. .E.
Claire Foy Emma Pierson Amanda Redman Eddie Marsan Zubin Varla
Matthew Macfadyen Jason Thorpe Annette Crosbie Ruth Jones Rosie Cavaliero
Video Little Dorrit: Episode #1.5

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