Skins: Everyone S.4 E.8 (Subs)
As Emily and Naomi and Pandora and Thomas make up the gang become concerned for the absent Freddie and hold his birthday party in his absence. Cook,who has read Freddie's notebook which mention's Foster's obsession with Effy,follows the psychiatric worker home and breaks into his basement,where he discovers a bag containing Freddie's blood-stained clothes. Foster comes in and attacks him but,with a cry of I'm Cook the youngster hits him back with the baseball bat and avenges the death of his friend.
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   ( )      Rating: M      Run Time: 45 Mins            S. .E.
Merveille Lukeba Jack O'Connell Kathryn Prescott Kaya Scodelario Megan Prescott
Lisa Backwell Lily Loveless Ollie Barbieri Karina Minhas Holly Churches
Video Skins: Everyone S.4 E.8 (Subs)

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