The Lost World: Tribute S.1.E.12
Roxton saves Tayra from a Hikari warrior who is chasing her. Roxton discovers that the Tintas live in fear of the fierce Hikari, and pay them a human tribute to ensure the Hikari leave them in peace and protect them from other dangers. Roxton and Veronica teach them some fighting fundamentals and how to set up trap in an attempt to gain their independence. While Roxton, Veronica and Challenger are helping the Tintas, Summerlee, Malone and Marguerite are taken prisoner by a World War I pilot, Hans Dressler, who's still fighting the war after finding his downed plane. Malone fixes the plane while Marguerite nurses Dressler. Once Dressler wakes, he takes the explorers prisoner with the intention of killing Marguerite and escaping in his plane. Will the Tintas win their freedom and will Marguerite live?
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   ( )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 43 Mins            S. .E.
Peter McCauley Rachel Blakely William Snow David Orth Jennifer O'Dell
Michael Sinelnikoff William McInnes Jason Chong Carmen Duncan Paul Zebrowski
Video The Lost World: Tribute S.1.E.12

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