The Lost World: The Visitor S.2 E.20
When Malone is slashed by a beast in the jungle, he shoots wildly. While looking for the animal, he and Veronica come across Danu, her childhood sweetheart, wounded, and warning them of the danger from this beast. Later that night, the team is disturbed by a howling animal, and discovers Danu gone and Malone feverish. Marguerite stays to nurse Malone, the others search for Danu, hoping to learn more about Malone's condition. Veronica leads them to his village, where only a witchdoctor and a few warriors armed with silver-tipped weapons, remain. The witchdoctor tells them that Danu has become a werewolf and must be killed by silver or fire, there is no cure. She gives Veronica a potion to delay the onset of Malone's transformation, then sends Challenger and Roxton to the Valley of Shadows where the werewolves live. Danu, wanting to transform Veronica into a werewolf like him, drives her towards the Valley of Shadows.
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   ( )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 43 Mins            S. .E.
Peter McCauley Rachel Blakely David Orth Jennifer O'Dell William Snow
Leah Purcell Nathan Dean Ramsay
Video The Lost World: The Visitor S.2 E.20

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