Caroline in the City: Pilot S.1.E.1
Caroline has been advertising for a colourist to finish off her cartoons and is disappointed with the candidates until Richard arrives. He is bad tempered and sarcastic but he gets the job. Caroline had just broken up with Del who works for her publisher and manages the Caroline in the City comic strip products. He already has already moved on with a new date and, in desperation for some oneupmanship, Caroline chooses a new date by throwing fruit out of the window. He doesn't turn up but Richard saves the day by going as her date.
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   ( )      Rating: G      Run Time: 23 Mins            S. .E.
Lea Thompson Eric Lutes Malcolm Gets Amy Pietz Andrew Lauer
Tom La Grua Jason Workman Cathy Ladman John Mariano Sean Sullivan
Video Caroline in the City: Pilot S.1.E.1

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