Sunset Beach: Episode 141
Caitlin fails at telling Cole that she's pregnant. Sean learns about it instead and wants Caitlin to let everyone know. Annie and Tim console each hoping that Meg and Ben are still alive. Ben is convinced that Meg is Maria, and Meg agrees to go along with him. Michael wants to save Meg and Ben by going underwater into the cave, and Jimmy changes his mind about turning in Michael as the killer of his father. Tiffany tries to get Olivia to give Mark a job as a DJ on the local radio station.
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   ( )      Rating: TV14      Run Time: 44 Mins            S. .E.
Jennifer Banko Peter Barton Sam Behrens Sarah Buxton Hank Cheyne
Eddie Cibrian Vanessa Dorman Lesley-Anne Down Jason George Dax Griffin
Video Sunset Beach: Episode 141

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