Sunset Beach: Episode 145
Casey reaches Michael and manages to get him out of the cave while Tim and Annie find Ben and Meg. Once everyone is at the hospital, Annie confronts Meg about being with Ben and must tell Tim that she saw Ben and Meg together. Meg turns it around and questions Annie on why she was with Tim in the first place. When she is finally able to see Ben, Meg is visible upset and Ben tries to reassure her that the danger has past so she should be fine. As she walks away, to upset to talk, he asks her how she can do it after what happened. Meg turns back around, shocked that he might actually know what happened in the cave. Meanwhile Bette is pressuring Olivia about the job she promised. Olivia informs Bette that she has tried but Gregory wouldn't listen so Bette talks it upon herself to speak with him. When she does however, he questions what dirt she has on Olivia. Bette blurts out that its about the baby and Gregory is left shocked and confused
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   ( )      Rating: TV14      Run Time: 44 Mins            S. .E.
Timothy Adams Jennifer Banko Peter Barton Sam Behrens Sarah Buxton
Russell Curry Lesley-Anne Down Jason George Dax Griffin Dominique Jennings
Video Sunset Beach: Episode 145

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