Sunset Beach: Episode 150
Tim arrives at Ben's place and wants to see Meg. He gets into a fight with Ben and Ben almost discovers that Tim was one of the people that trapped Meg in the cave. Ben throws Tim out of his house, while Annie is talking to Meg. She remembers her that Ben does not remeber anything about sleeping with her, but Meg denies it. Meg warns Annie to stay away from her and Ben. Annie talks to Ben about Meg and Ben tells her that he believes he has a future with Meg. Caitlin tells Cole she wants to know who is his mystery woman and he tries to convince her to focus on their future, and not Cole's past. Olivia convinces Gregory that she is not pregnant and Gregory acts very mad when Olivia brings up a possibility of having another baby. Gregory does not buy Olivia's lies and wants call Tyus to hear the truth. Olivia stops him and confesses that Caitlin is pregnant. Gregory fells like he lost his little girl forever.
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   ( )      Rating: TV14      Run Time: 44 Mins            S. .E.
Sam Behrens Sarah Buxton Eddie Cibrian Vanessa Dorman Lesley-Anne Down
Dax Griffin Clive Robertson Susan Ward Lance Gutterman
Video Sunset Beach: Episode 150

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