Sunset Beach: Episode 151
Gabi plays innocent when Eddie accuses her of sending Paula on an assignment in Sacramento. Mark becomes closer with Gabi and she tells him his audition went very well. Paula leaves Sunset Beach and, once again, says that it's over between her and Ricardo. Olivia asks Gregory not to tell Caitlin that he knows about her pregnancy, because it will totally ruin their plan to breakup Cole and Caitlin. Gregory visits Elaine and secretly tries to find out about Caitlin's pregnancy. Bette runs into Caitlin & Cole at the hospital. Olivia finishes with her appointment and runs into Cole. The nurse tells her to pick up her results and Cole is about to find out that Olivia is also pregnant. Gregory talks to Tim and tries to find out if he has some news about Cole. Tim takes the money that Gregory offers him and says that Caitlin told her about Cole sleeping with another woman in Sunset Beach
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   ( )      Rating: TV14      Run Time: 44 Mins            S. .E.
Peter Barton Sam Behrens Hank Cheyne Eddie Cibrian Russell Curry
Vanessa Dorman Lesley-Anne Down Priscilla Garita Dax Griffin Nick Stabile
Video Sunset Beach: Episode 151

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