Sunset Beach: Episode 154
Gregory changes his mind about Cole and tells him that he is finally ready to welcome him into his house and his family. Cole can't believe that Gregory just said that, while he has no idea that it's all just a part of Gregory's plan. Gregory wonders why is Olivia trying to keep him away from finding out who is Cole's mystery woman. Cole talks to Olivia and tells her that he knows she was not at the hospital because of Caitlin, but Olivia convinces him otherwise. Olivia tells Caitlin a secret... her upcoming baby is not her third, but fourth baby. Bette gives Ben an advice about his romance with Meg. Ben agrees with her advice and takes off the painting of Maria from the living room. He puts it into Maria's studio. Meanwhile, a mysterious person comes to Ben's apartment
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   ( )      Rating: TV14      Run Time: 44 Mins            S. .E.
Sam Behrens Sarah Buxton Eddie Cibrian Russell Curry Vanessa Dorman
Lesley-Anne Down Clive Robertson Randy Spelling Susan Ward Lance Gutterman
Video Sunset Beach: Episode 154

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