Rating: PG
Run Time: 22 Mins
Spider-Man - S.1 E.11 The Night of the Villains/Here Comes Trubble
The Night of the Villains - Spider-Man fails to stop Blackbeard from stealing a treasure chest. Parafino sends Jesse James to rob a bank.  Here Comes Trubble - Spider-Man stops a centaur, which vanishes in smoke. Ms. Trubble sends Cyclops to take care of Spider-Man, but fails. The Goddess Diana also fails to get Spider-Man. Peter Parker investigates Ms. Trubble and a stolen statuette. Spider-Man finds Ms. Trubble has been conjuring legendary creatures to do her bidding. Spider-Man rescues Ms. Trubble from Vulcan and she is sent to the prison hospital.
Bernard Cowan Paul Kligman Paul Soles Peg Dixon
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Video Spider-Man - S.1 E.11 The Night of the Villains/Here Comes Trubble
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