Sunset Beach: Episode 3
Meg tells Casey that she has no money, so Casey lets her stay in his apartment. Meg calls her mother. Tim hears it and finds out that Meg is in Sunset Beach. Mark and Tiffany discuss that Meg and Ben don't know each other in a real life. They didn't exchange photos and don't know their real names. So Tiffany decides to earn some money on this. A few unknown men attack Annie. She calls for help and Eddie arrives to help her. But she learns that the unknowns were sent by her father to withdraw the car. Ben sees all of this. Later, Annie comes to Ben and complains about her father's intentions toward her. She tries to kiss Ben, but he isn't in the mood. Annie tells Ben that she wants her father dead. After that Ben has flashbacks about his dead wife. Casey goes to a snack bar for a supper for him and Meg. He meets doctor Rae Chang there again. Mark mixes up their orders and Rae goes to Casey's apartment to return her one. Meg opens the door when Rae calls. Rae is upset, but she just leaves. Annie comes back to her apartment and in her jacuzzi. Eddie comes to her. She sees Ben looks through the window and invites Eddie to make love. She asks Eddie about the feeling when you are going to kill someone. Tiffany gets into Ben's apartment. She tries to find money or values. Suddenly Ben returns. While leaving his house, Tiffany looses printed e-mails that Meg received from SB and sent to SB. Ben finds sheets on a floor, so he knows his internet vis-a-vis is in Sunset Beach
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   ( )      Rating: TV14      Run Time: 44 Mins            S. .E.
Timothy Adams Peter Barton Sarah Buxton Adrienne Frantz Jason George
Dax Griffin Kelly Hu Clive Robertson Nick Stabile Susan Ward
Video Sunset Beach: Episode 3

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