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1987 - G-Force E.1 The Robot Stegosaur
A huge robot attacks a uranium storage facility. Dr. Benjamin Brighthead, the only person who previously knew of Ga..
Bill Capizzi Cam Clarke
2015 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars A Distant Echo S.7.E6
Believing that MIA soldier Echo may still be alive, Rex's mission becomes doubly important. Alongside Bad Batch and..
Dee Bradley Baker Matt Lanter
2015 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Bad Batch S.7.E.5
Rex, Cody, and Clone Force 99, an unorthodox, elite squad also known as the Bad Batch, look to recover the Republic..
Dee Bradley Baker Matt Lanter
2003 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.1 E.4 Meet Casey Jones
Raphael is a little cooped up underground with only his brothers and Master Splinter...
Michael Sinterniklaas Wayne Grayson
1990 - The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: S.3.E.15 Easy Come, Easy Gopher
Rabbit tampers with Gopher's equation so the tunnel can't go through his house but his plans backfire...
Peter Cullen Jim Cummings
1987 - New Adventures of Mighty Mouse: The League of Super-Rodents/Scrappy's Playhouse S.1 E.8
Battle of the Super-heroes against the Cow. Each Super-rodent is a parody of a well known comic book hero...
Patrick Pinney Beau Weaver
2015 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars A Death on Utapau S.7.E.1
This is an unfinished and unaired episode in which Obi-Wan and Anakin investigate the death of a Jedi on Utapau and..
Dee Bradley Baker Matt Lanter
2015 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Big Bang S.7.E.4
This is an unfinished and unaired episode in which Obi-Wan and Anakin prevent General Grievous from obtaining a dan..
Dee Bradley Baker Matt Lanter
2015 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars On the Wings of Keeradaks S.7.E.7
With Echo recovered, Rex, Bad Batch, and Anakin Skywalker look to fight their way out of a Separatist base..
Dee Bradley Baker Matt Lanter
2009 - Superman Red Son: Pyotr Creates a Monster E.6
Pyotr speaks of his disillusions with the Soviet Party, and remembers a story that created a monster. But he doesn'..
1985 - Adventures of the Gummi Bears: The Secret of the Juice S.1 E.9
The ogres kidnap Grammi and take her to Castle Drekmore, where Duke Igthorn attempts to coax the recipe for gummibe..
June Foray Christian Jacobs
1995 - Duckman: Married Alive S.2 E.2
When a billionaire media magnate asks Bernice to marry him, Duckman suspects he's either crazy ... or up to no good..
Jason Alexander Nancy Travis
2012 - Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse: S.2.E.10 Ryan's Greatest Hits
Hear all of Ryan's greatest hits in this rockin' ad!..
Charlie Bodin Sean Hankinson
2002 - BeyBlade: S.1.E.11 Bye Bye Bit Beast
Kevin decides to try and destroy Ray by stealing his data. What will happen if Kevin succeeds? Will the Bladebreake..
Ted Cole Daniel DeSanto
1994 - Phantom 2040: S.1.E.7 The Good Mark
The Phantom learns the meaning of his Good Mark and, in the course of a plot by Maximum to lure the Phantom into a ..
Charles Dennis Liz Georges
2005 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.3 E.16 The Entity Below
To Michelangelo's chagrin, the Turtles must venture back down to the underground city to investigate, after Donatel..
Michael Sinterniklaas Wayne Grayson
1998 - Transformers Beast Wars II E.4 Lake Trap
Tasmania Kid is spying on the Autorolllers when he spots a real Tasmanian devil. He gets the idea to imitate it and..
Hozumi Gda Tetsuo Komura
1998 - Todd McFarlane's Spawn S.2 E.4,5 and 6
A man claiming to be doing the Lord's work is killing off blacks, but finds that one he captured, Terry Fitzgerald,..
Keith David Richard Dysart
1998 - Silver Surfer S.1 E.9 Second Foundation
While searching for Zenn-La, the Silver Surfer and Nova find themselves on the Skrull homeworld - where they must p..
Paul Essiembre David Calderisi
1978 - Fantastic Four E.12 The Final Victory of Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom causes a power outage that affects every machine in the United States and demands control of the U.S. a..
Mike Road Ginny Tyler
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