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1987 - G-Force E.1 The Robot Stegosaur
A huge robot attacks a uranium storage facility. Dr. Benjamin Brighthead, the only person who previously knew of Ga..
Bill Capizzi Cam Clarke
2002 - Beyblade: S.1 E.35 When in Rome... Beyblade!
The Bladebreakers arrive in Rome to battle against their next opponent, Enrique. Can Tyson finally successfully def..
Daniel DeSanto Julie Lemieux
1991 - Swamp Thing E.3 Falling Red Star
Swamp Thing, Bayou Jack and Tomahawk help NASA retrieve a nuclear-powered satellite that has crash-landed in the sw..
Len Carlson Don Francks
1985 - He-Man: Visitors from Earth S.2 E.54
Two Earth astronauts on a mission to destroy a magnetic meteor about to collide with Earth are sucked into a time p..
John Erwin Alan Oppenheimer
2000 - Mona the Vampire: The Fortune Cookie/Pixies
Mona's fortunes are happening after visiting a Chinese restaurant. Mona is determined to avoid her fate and underta..
Emma Taylor-Isherwood Justin Bradley
1990 - The New Adventures of He-Man: Sanctuary E.26
Key Episode for-Prince Adam, Caz, Drissi, Skeletor, Slush Head...
Don Brown Garry Chalk
1991 - The New Adventures of He-Man: Zone of Darkness E.34
Key Episode for-Master Sebrian and Mara. Master Sebrian and Mara Crash in a remote area of Denebria. He-Man hurries..
Don Brown Garry Chalk
2009 - Superman Red Son: Superman vs. The Duplicate E.8
Superman battles the Duplicate Superman...
2012 - Plastic Man: Super Hero Sketch Artist E.1
Plastic Man uses his stretching abilities to help an elderly woman identify the man who stole her purse...
Tom Kenny Jill Talley
2012 - Plastic Man: The Many and the Fowl E.2
Plastic Man tries to pay his electric bill, but first has to deal with the Tuxedo, Lady Granite, and the Fowl when ..
Carlos Alazraqui Tom Kenny
2012 - DC Nation Shorts: New Teen Titans #9 Gamma Rays and You E.62
The Titans explain gamma rays...
Greg Cipes Scott Menville
2012 - DC Nation Shorts: New Teen Titans #10 Titans in Love E.65
Segments include Raven in Love and Robin in Love...
Greg Cipes Scott Menville
1987 - G-Force: The Neon Giant E.24
The science ninja team must stop a giant neon robot that shoots beams out of it's eyes...
Bill Capizzi Cam Clarke
1998 - Silver Surfer S.1 E.5 Learning Curve: Part 1
The Silver Surfer, Pip the Troll, Mentor, and Drax the Destroyer attempt to find the Universal Library of the Watch..
Paul Essiembre Camilla Scott
2013 - Beyblade Metal Fury E.14 The New Team Dungeon
Aguma, who received Johannes invitation along with others, gets introduced to The Black Sun and the rest that happe..
1943 - Superman The Underground World
Lois Lane and an explorer set out on an expedition through an underground cavern and discover a race of hawk-men...
Joan Alexander Jackson Beck
1942 - Superman Arctic Giant
Superman versus a thawed-out Tyrannosaurus...
Joan Alexander Jackson Beck
2000 - Avengers - United They Stand: E.12 Earth and Fire, Part 1
Something is dangerously affecting the magnetic fields of the Earth. Wasp realizes that her father's old business p..
George Johnson Linda Ballantyne
1985 - He-Man S.2 E.8 Origin of the Sorceress
The Sorceress realizes her old enemy Morgoth is attempting to return to Eternia...
John Erwin Alan Oppenheimer
1985 - She-Ra: Princess of Power S.1 E.41 Glimmer's Story
Prince Highcliff is captured by Hordak during his visit to Brightmoon from his home at Blue Stone...
Melendy Britt George DiCenzo
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