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2007 - Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Bakugan The Battle Begins S.1 E.1
The Bakugan, Dragonoid, who will soon become Dan's closest ally, begins to explain the origins of Bakugan and the D..
Jason Deline Emilie Barlow
2009 - Beyblade Metal Fusion: Chase The Wolf! S.1 E.11
Gingka returns and explains to his friends that Doji has a forbidden bey: Lightning L-Drago. Tipped off by Kyoya, t..
Jason Deline Andrew Jackson
2015 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Big Bang S.7.E.4
This is an unfinished and unaired episode in which Obi-Wan and Anakin prevent General Grievous from obtaining a dan..
Dee Bradley Baker Matt Lanter
2005 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.3 E.26 Exodus: Part 2
After a crushing defeat at the Shredder's hands, the Turtles and Splinter, on board the Shredder's starship, must m..
Michael Sinterniklaas Wayne Grayson
1987 - New Adventures of Mighty Mouse: This Island Mouseville/Mighty's Musical Classics S.1 E.6
The Grand Ruler, an alien cat, and his dimwitted muscle Derling, land in Mouseville for the purpose of taking over...
Patrick Pinney Charles Adler
2015 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars A Death on Utapau S.7.E.1
This is an unfinished and unaired episode in which Obi-Wan and Anakin investigate the death of a Jedi on Utapau and..
Dee Bradley Baker Matt Lanter
2011 - DC's World's Funnest #2: Heroic Goofballs
Batman shows off his superpowers to Robin. Superman ponders why Robin is called Robin. The Joker jokes that he pref..
2000 - Avengers - United They Stand: E.10 Egg-Streme Vengeance
Egghead initiates a plot to destroy his archrival Ant-Man by making his Pym particles go crazy...
George Johnson Linda Ballantyne
2003 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.1 E.5 Nano
When a scientist accidentally unleashes a super-powered Nanotech monster with a childlike mind, it adopts a small-t..
Michael Sinterniklaas Wayne Grayson
2003 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.1 E.6 Darkness on the Edge of Town
The Turtles, investigating a strange blackout, discover the Foot Ninja stealing a Japanese ceremonial sword from th..
Michael Sinterniklaas Wayne Grayson
1998 - Silver Surfer S.1 E.1 The Origin of the Silver Surfer: Part 1
Galactus targets Zenn-La, planning to consume its energy - thus causing its destruction. Norrin Radd tries to find ..
Paul Essiembre Aron Tager
1998 - Silver Surfer S.1 E.11 The Forever War
The Silver Surfer requests help from the Kree in finding Zenn-La, but he must first do something for them. While do..
Paul Essiembre Oliver Becker
1987 - G-Force E.5 The Phantom Fleet
G-Force meets Red Impulse...
Bill Capizzi Cam Clarke
1987 - G-Force: The Giant Jellyfish Lens E.15
A science team is killed investigating a city that has been destroyed by pollution. It is up to G-Force to find out..
Bill Capizzi Cam Clarke
1979 - Spider-Woman: A Crime in Time E.14
A scientist named Dr. T gets control of a time traveling machine and it's up to Spider-Woman to foil his plans of t..
Joan Van Ark
2015 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars A Distant Echo S.7.E6
Believing that MIA soldier Echo may still be alive, Rex's mission becomes doubly important. Alongside Bad Batch and..
Dee Bradley Baker Matt Lanter
2015 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars Unfinished Business S.7.E.8
The Republic plans a daring final strike against Wat Tambor and Admiral Trench, once again bringing together Rex, E..
Dee Bradley Baker Matt Lanter
2015 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars In Search of the Crystal S.7.E.2
This is an unfinished and unaired episode in which Obi-Wan and Anakin continue to investigate arms dealers on Utapa..
Dee Bradley Baker Matt Lanter
1987 - G-Force: Armoured Mecha Matanga E.90
Joe, who is busily maintaining his weapon, is told by Ken that using weapons is a mistake, which results in a dispu..
Bill Capizzi Cam Clarke
1994 - Mighty Max: Good Golly Ms. Kali S.2 E.20
Max, Norman, and Virgil attempt to stop a dark serpent creature known as Naga who has been awakened. He seeks the m..
Rob Paulsen Tony Jay
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