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2015 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Bad Batch S.7.E.5
Rex, Cody, and Clone Force 99, an unorthodox, elite squad also known as the Bad Batch, look to recover the Republic..
Dee Bradley Baker Matt Lanter
2000 - Avengers - United They Stand: E.8 Shooting Stars
When satellites are blasted out of their orbits, the whole world is threatened...
George Johnson Linda Ballantyne
1966 - Captain America - Episode 1: The Origin of Captain America
Captain America -- Part of The Marvel Super Heroes Played on Monday. Stories included are: The Origin of Captain Am..
Bernard Cowan Jack Creley
2003 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.1 E.7 The Way of Invisibility
After Casey Jones makes himself an unwanted guest in the Turtles' lair, Raphael takes him topside for a breath of f..
Michael Sinterniklaas Wayne Grayson
2002 - BeyBlade: S.1.E.5 Draciel of Approval
The first match up in the semi-finals is Max vs. Kai. Can Max pull the upset off without a bitbeast giving him supp..
Marlowe Gardiner-Heslin Alex Hood
2006 - Oban Star-Racers: Make Way! E.13
The Earth Team must race their sixth race, which is determined at random. It turns out that they must race against ..
Gabrielle Jeru Chiara Zanni
2006 - Oban Star-Racers: Welcome to Oban E.14
At long last, Team Earth has made it to Planet Oban, where the grand finals take place. Before proper introductions..
Gabrielle Jeru Chiara Zanni
2012 - DC Nation Shorts: Batman of Shanghai #2 - Bane E.56
Bane appears and obtains the Scroll of Destiny...
2015 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars A Distant Echo S.7.E6
Believing that MIA soldier Echo may still be alive, Rex's mission becomes doubly important. Alongside Bad Batch and..
Dee Bradley Baker Matt Lanter
1985 - M.A.S.K.: Peril in Paris S.1 E.34
Location: France. VENOM steal a handful of paintings that have a series of blueprints concealed behind them. Buddy..
Doug Stone Mark Halloran
2013 - SheZow: Evil Villains Day/Vampire Cats in Zombie Town S.1.E.22
Villains trick the mayor into handing over the key to the city SheZow brings a video game villain to life and must ..
Sam Vincent Matt Hill
2001 - Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker: Part 2
While trying to uncover the Joker's secrets, Terry McGinnis, the new Batman, discovers the greatest mystery in the ..
Will Friedle Kevin Conroy
1987 - G-Force: The Spherical Mecha Grapebomber E.98
Joe, heading towards a meeting point, is blinded by a light reflection and runs into a woman. Seeing his mother's f..
Bill Capizzi Cam Clarke
2009 - Superman Red Son: The Letter E.21
Superman battles the Green Lantern Corps, Wonder Woman and her army, and the villains Lex has created over the year..
1987 - Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics: Snow White S.1 E.10 - 13
The tale of Snow White..
2009 - Batgirl Year One Motion Comics: Chapter 7: Hearts a Fire, Pt.2
Batgirl tries to prove herself as a true crime fighter on the streets of Gotham again and confronts a new challenge..
Erin Fitzgerald Kate Higgins
2009 - Watchmen Motion Comic: Two Riders Were Approaching... E.10
As Nite-Owl and Rorschach investigate the apparent conspiracy against them, their discovery of the prime suspect fo..
Tom Stechschulte
1988 - Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics: Jorinde and Joringle S.1.E.17
A shape-shifting witch (or fairy, depending on the translation) lived alone in a dark castle in the woods. She coul..
Steve Kramer Rachael Lillis
2011 - Supernatural: The Animation: Roadkill S.1.E.2
Sam and Dean investigate a series of strange accidents on a mountain road. They come across Molly who insists she a..
Jared Padalecki Annakin Slayd
2011 - Supernatural: The Animation: Moonlight S.1.E.10
A spate of wild dog attacks draws Sam and Dean's attention. Sam and Dean suspect that it has something to do with a..
Angela Galuppo Mie Sonozaki
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