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1987 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtle Tracks S.1.E.1
The Turtles meet April O'Neil for the first time. Splinter explains the origins of himself and the Turtles...
Cam Clarke Barry Gordon
1985 - Star Wars Droids E.7 The Pirates of Tarnoonga
Pirate Kybo Ren-Cha has high-jacked a fuel transporter piloted by Jessica Meade and the droids. The pirates also ca..
Anthony Daniels Donny Burns
2005 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.3 E.25 Exodus: Part 1
The Shredder prepares to leave the Earth and spread his plans of conquest and mass murder to other planets...
Michael Sinterniklaas Wayne Grayson
1985 - Ewoks: Wicket's Wagon S.1.E.10
Wicket rebuilds his ancestor's battle wagon, but no one takes the project seriously except for the Duloks who steal..
Jim Henshaw Ron James
2011 - Beyblade Metal Fusion: Bonds of Steel E.47
Phoenix saves Hyoma and Kenta from Doji's wrath, but can Phoenix find a way to defeat Doji once and for all? Meanwh..
Jason Deline Carter Hayden
2011 - Beyblade Metal Fusion: Blader's Spirit E.51 (Final)
L-Drago manages to take control of Ryuga through its greed and self indulgence. Gingka becomes aware this final bat..
Jason Deline Carter Hayden
1985 - Star Wars Droids E.5 The Lost Prince
Artoo and Threepio lose their new jobs waiting tables at Doodnik's caf and end up part of a droid auction. Together..
Anthony Daniels Donny Burns
1985 - Star Wars Droids E.11 The Roon Games
Mungo and the droids are shot down in their stolen Cloudcar over the planet Roon by Koong's drone pilots. The plane..
Anthony Daniels Jan Austin
1985 - Star Wars Droids E.12 Across the Roon Sea
Mungo is about return to Manda when Auren presents him with a Roonstone. She leads him to Old Ogger, an old hermit ..
Anthony Daniels Jan Austin
1983 - He-Man: The Curse of the Spellstone S.1 E.7
Skeletor and Evil-Lyn steals from The Temple of the Fire People, the Spellstone, a magic orb and uses it to create ..
John Erwin Alan Oppenheimer
1983 - He-Man: The Time Corridor S.1 E.8
The Sorceress summons Prince Adam, Man-At-Arms, Orco and Cringer to Castle Greyskull whilst having a picnic, where ..
John Erwin Alan Oppenheimer
2005 - Battle B-Daman: With a Little Help From My Friends S.1.E.20
Karat helps Bull escape, and then Terry saves the two of them, but will they be able to get back to the Battle 5 to..
Brian Beacock Beau Billingslea
2011 - Beyblade Metal Fusion: The Dragon's Punishment E.42
The second round of Battle Bladers matcheas are announced. In them Kyoya must face Ryuga, Benkei and Kenta must col..
Jason Deline Carter Hayden
1985 - Star Wars Droids E.3 The Trigon Unleashed
Thall Joben, Kea Moll and the droids are captured by the Fromm gang on Ingo, but Thall will only tell where he and ..
Anthony Daniels Graeme Campbell
1985 - Star Wars Droids E.8 The Revenge of Kybo Ren
Mon Julpa is holding peace negotiations with his warrior rival Lord Toda. Pirate Kybo Ren is sprung from his jail c..
Anthony Daniels Donny Burns
1985 - He-Man: S.2.E.40 No Job Too Small
While on a trip to Phantos, Man-At-Arms, Orco, and Teela are kidnapped by Evil-Lyn. Back at Snake Mountain, Beast M..
John Erwin Alan Oppenheimer
2013 - DC Nation Shorts E.8 Superman of Tokyo #1
The Superman of Tokyo is defeated by a giant robot in Tokyo and passes on his cape and powers to baby Kenta. Upon w..
Jeff Bennett Masasa Moyo
2001 - Transformers Robots in Disguise E.36 Mistaken Identity
The Predacons and Decepticons target Koji as he only he can control Fortress Maximus, but both sides clash and an i..
Neil Kaplan Daniel Riordan
2002 - BeyBlade: S.1.E.12 Adios Bladebreakers
With his bitbeast gone, Ray loses all confidence and decides to leave the Bladebreakers. Can Tyson convince him to ..
Ted Cole Daniel DeSanto
1987 - She-Ra: Princess of Power S.3 E.5 Just the Way You Are
Glimmer meets Drew, a young circus performer, when they are both captured by King Darkspur, who has his eye on Glim..
John Erwin Melendy Britt
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