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2008 - Star Trek Odyssey: S.1.E.5 Keepers of the Wind
Odyssey has struggled in the Andromeda Galaxy for a year. As Ro fights to keep his crew and ship together, a new po..
Brandon McConnell Michelle Laurent
1984 - Hunter: S.1.E.1 Pilot
This was the pilot to the long running series, about a cop, Rick Hunter, who has two things going against him. The ..
Fred Dryer Stepfanie Kramer
1962 - The Beverly Hillbillies: Jed Buys Stock S.1.E.5
Grannie prepares her special mash to help cure Mrs. Drysdale of her drinking problem while Jed does as Mr. Drysdale..
Buddy Ebsen Irene Ryan
1992 - Are You Afraid of the Dark?: The Tale of the Prom Queen S.1.E.12
Two boys befriend a young woman where they encourage her to join them in search of a legend that comes every year...
Katie Griffin Graeme Millington
1997 - NewsRadio: The Injury S.3 E.25
After an uninsured Matthew severely injures himself while playing games, Dave falsifies a worker's comp claim to co..
Dave Foley Stephen Root
1967 - The Invaders: The Ransom S.2.E.15
David and Edgar intercept an alien en route to a regeneration station, and discover that he is a leader, a powerful..
Roy Thinnes Alfred Ryder
1993 - E.N.G.: Honour or Wealth S.4.E.17
Channel 10 hosts the Night of Hope Fundraiser. A statue donated by Adam Hirsch is stolen from a local gallery...
Sara Botsford Mark Humphrey
1939 - Dick Tracy Returns: The Kidnapped Witness/The Missing Witness
Pa Stark and his five criminal sons are holding America in a grip of terror. It is up to Dick Tracy and his G-Men t..
Ralph Byrd Lynne Roberts
1990 - Ferris Bueller: A Dog and His Boy S.1.E.6
Ferris is still trying to win Sloan's love so when she asks him to watch the school mascot he agrees. Principal Roo..
Charlie Schlatter Richard Riehle
1996 - Caroline in the City: Caroline and the Cereal S.1.E.20
Caroline and her agent have a meeting and he informs her that they want to start a new cereal with her Caroline car..
Lea Thompson Eric Lutes
1997 - Ellen: The Clip Show Patient S.4 E.21
At Spence's advice to fill in some of her free time, Ellen volunteers at the hospital where she is assigned to care..
Ellen DeGeneres Joely Fisher
1997 - Caroline in the City: Caroline and the Egg S.3.E.6
Richard's predecessor has come for a visit. She is trying to become pregnant and wants Caroline to donate an egg to..
Lea Thompson Eric Lutes
1949 - The Lone Ranger: One Nation, Indivisible S.4 E.52
Two brothers, working their way west after they lose their farm because of the Civil War, encounter the Lone Ranger..
Clayton Moore Jay Silverheels
1997 - Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord: S.1.E.7 Josh, the Water Spirit
Kathy takes the boat back to her world and learns from Sun that her family is in his world. Carl and Vicky escape S..
Lauren Hewett Ryan Kwanten
1967 - The Rat Patrol: S.2.E.18 The Fatal Reunion Raid
The Rat Patrol meet in a small town to gain information on a new raid. Jack meets a French girl who'd sheltered him..
Christopher George Gary Raymond
1992 - The Girl from Tomorrow: S.1.E.10 Betrayed
Silverthorn tries to convince Alana that he will let her go home, when she heals him. Meanwhile, Jenny tries to fin..
Katharine Cullen Melissa Marshall
1986 - Punky Brewster: Changes: Part 2 S.2 E.18
Just as Henry was planning to adopt Punky, a Fenster Hall bureaucrat named Simon P. Chillings rescinds his custody ..
George Gaynes Soleil Moon Frye
1993 - Highlander: Studies in Light S.2 E.2
Duncan, Tessa, and Richie attend a photographic exhibit featuring Immortal Gregor, and Duncan discovers that the ot..
Adrian Paul Alexandra Vandernoot
1944 - Captain America Serial - #15 The Toll of Doom
Superhero Captain America battles the evil forces of the archvillain called The Scarab, who poisons his enemies and..
Dick Purcell Lorna Gray
1944 - Captain America Serial - #10 The Avenging Corpse
Superhero Captain America battles the evil forces of the archvillain called The Scarab, who poisons his enemies and..
Dick Purcell Lorna Gray
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