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1949 - The Lone Ranger: One Nation, Indivisible S.4 E.52
Two brothers, working their way west after they lose their farm because of the Civil War, encounter the Lone Ranger..
Clayton Moore Jay Silverheels
1949 - The Lone Ranger: Tenderfoot S.4 E.12
The Lone Ranger and Tonto come across dead cattle and a poisoned water hole on a ranch. They suspect they have stum..
Clayton Moore Jay Silverheels
1977 - The Amazing Spider-Man S.1 E.4: Night of the Clones
Peter goes and takes photos of a scientist who has perfected the art of cloning, cloning a frog...
Nicholas Hammond Morgan Fairchild
1987 - Werewolf E.10 Let Us Prey
Eric's finds shelter in a monastery where he believes Skorzeny is responsible for several bizarre killings which oc..
Stephen W. Burns Robert Carricart
1997 - Baywatch Nights: S.2.E.22 A Thousand Words (Final Episode)
Teague leads Mitch and Ryan to a haunted restaurant where several women have been killed and a man left in a coma a..
David Hasselhoff Angie Harmon
2001 - Baywatch: S.11.E.15 A Good Man in a Storm
A major hurricane hits the Hawaiian islands in which Sean is trapped with Jenna in a underground bunker which risin..
Jason Momoa Stacy Kamano
1966 - The Green Hornet E.14 Freeway to Death
While investigating a construction company insurance racket, Daily Sentinel reporter Mike Axford comes under attack..
Van Williams Bruce Lee
1967 - The Green Hornet E.19 Corpse of the Year: Part 2
Britt Reid believes that the death of the Daily Express publisher, Simon Neal, was no accident, and that Neal was t..
Van Williams Bruce Lee
1967 - The Green Hornet E.25 Invasion from Outer Space: Part 1
Britt's at home, preparing to go out with Miss Case when he hears on the TV a report of aliens landing...
Van Williams Bruce Lee
1940 - The Green Hornet (1940) E.1: The Tunnel of Terror
A newspaper publisher and his Korean servant fight crime as vigilantes who pose as a notorious masked gangster and ..
Gordon Jones Wade Boteler
1982 - Silver Spoons: Falling in Love Again S.1 E.12
Kate goes on a grudge date to make Edward jealous. It works, and Edward professes his love in the middle of Carnegi..
Ricky Schroder Erin Gray
2008 - Primeval: Season 2 Episode 1
While Cutter grapples with Claudia Brown's disappearance, and tries to make sense of his confused mind, the anomali..
Douglas Henshall Juliet Aubrey
2011 - Primeval: Season 4 Episode 4
Whilst Abby is arguing with Burton,who wants to kill the menagerie,the team gets called to a school where a Theroce..
Ciaran McMenamin Andrew Lee Potts
1949 - The Lone Ranger: The Tenderfeet S.1 E.9
A murder is pinned on two cowboys who strike it rich, until the Lone Ranger traps the real killer...
Clayton Moore Jay Silverheels
1992 - California Dreams: Double Date S.1.E.4
When Sharkey leaves Tony in charge of his restaurant for a week, Sly convinces him to borrow some money from the ca..
Brentley Gore Kelly Packard
1992 - California Dreams: Mother and Child Reunion S.1.E.9
Tiffani's mother comes back to town for the first time after she abandoned her family ten years before. Tiffani sur..
Brentley Gore Kelly Packard
1992 - California Dreams: This Time S.1.E.12
Jenny assumes the best when her ex-boyfriend suggests that they get back together. But Matt worries that he's too s..
Brentley Gore Kelly Packard
1949 - The Lone Ranger: Cannonball McKay S.1 E.16
Cannonball McKay is a remarkably resourceful woman who operates the Boone County Wells Fargo stage franchise. Colli..
Clayton Moore Jay Silverheels
1975 - Kolchak: The Night Stalker: Demon in Lace S.1.E.16 (cc)
A female demon, takes over the bodies recently killed young women, so she can seduce handsome young men and scare t..
Darren McGavin Simon Oakland
1975 - Kolchak: The Night Stalker: The Youth Killer S.1.E.19
Kolchak discovers a very attractive woman who maintains her youth and beauty by sacrificing young men and women to ..
Darren McGavin Simon Oakland
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