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1975 - Isis: No Drums, No Trumpets S.1 E.11
Fred takes his runner-up finish in the Science Fair badly, and rushes off and almost drives his car off a cliff. Af..
JoAnna Cameron Brian Cutler
1976 - Isis: ...And Now You Don't S.2 E.7
Detective Andrea and her students are hard on the case to prove Rick's innocence...
JoAnna Cameron Brian Cutler
1978 - The Amazing Spider-man S.2 E.2: A Matter of State
NATO defense plans are stolen and held for ransom by terrorists. Julia Masters accidentally gets a photograph of th..
Nicholas Hammond Michael Pataki
1941 - Adventures of Captain Marvel: Boomerang Ch.8
On a scientific expedition to Siam young Billy Batson is given the ability to change himself into the super-powered..
Tom Tyler Frank Coghlan Jr.
1975 - Isis: Scuba Duba S.1 E.14
A male student in Mr. Mason's scuba diving class does not like to follow safety rules and ends up getting trapped u..
JoAnna Cameron Brian Cutler
1979 - The Amazing Spider-man S.2 E.7: The Chinese Web (2 hour special)
An old college friend of Mr. Jameson fleeing China to live with his Chinese-American daughter because the Chinese g..
Nicholas Hammond Michael Pataki
1978 - The Amazing Spider-Man S.2 E.4 The Kirkwood Haunting
Peter Parker is sent to the estate (complete with its own zoo) of a wealthy widow and longtime family friend of Mr...
Nicholas Hammond Robert F. Simon
1977 - The Amazing Spider-Man (Pilot)
When an extortionist threatens to force a multi-suicide unless a huge ransom is paid, only Peter Parker can stop hi..
Nicholas Hammond David White
1974 - Spidey Super Stories - Who Stole the Show?
A former child star named Winky Goodyshoes bemoans her inability to find suitable work. Later, she steals the props..
Hattie Winston
2008 - Star Trek Odyssey: S.1.E.3 The Lotus Eaters
The Archien's relentless pursuit of the U.S.S. Odyssey is taking its toll and Ro is having to deal with serious dif..
Brandon McConnell Michelle Laurent
1966 - The Green Hornet E.13 The Secret of the Sally Bell
Two million dollars worth of narcotics have been smuggled into the country, and the only man who knows where they a..
Van Williams Bruce Lee
1949 - The Lone Ranger: The Lone Ranger Fights On S.1 E.2
The Lone Ranger, in need of a mount after his Ranger troop has been massacred by the Cavendish Gang, and Tonto resc..
Clayton Moore Jay Silverheels
1975 - Isis: Dreams of Flight S.1 E.15
A teenage Hispanic girl makes innovative designs for flying model airplanes, but is hindered from competing by her ..
JoAnna Cameron Brian Cutler
1976 - Isis: Seeing Eye Horse S.2 E.1
Andrea tries to help a student who was recently blinded in a riding accident by getting him a specially trained hor..
JoAnna Cameron Brian Cutler
1976 - Isis: The Hitchhiker S.2 E.2
Isis saves Hope, a habitual hitchhiker, from a potentially fatal automobile accident and warns her not to continue ..
JoAnna Cameron Brian Cutler
1976 - Isis: The Class Clown S.2 E.3
Rudy tries to make himself popular by endlessly pulling practical jokes, including one that causes an emergency in ..
JoAnna Cameron Brian Cutler
1975 - Isis: Spots of the Leopard S.1 E.2
A student of Andrea's fears that her father, recently released from prison, may be responsible for the recent diamo..
JoAnna Cameron Brian Cutler
1975 - Isis: Bigfoot S.1 E.7
Someone, or something, huge is living in seclusion in the local mountains, and some of the students think it's the ..
JoAnna Cameron Brian Cutler
1975 - Isis: How to Find a Friend S.1 E.8
Tom, one of Rick's students, has trouble making friends, so to impress a new acquaintance, he shows him his dad's w..
JoAnna Cameron Brian Cutler
1975 - Isis: The Show-Off S.1 E.9
A student whose short stature makes him take risks to prove himself gets into trouble on a camping trip in an area ..
JoAnna Cameron Brian Cutler
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